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Lessons About Playing in the Dirt.

I was almost there, just two more miles to go. The grueling hills have given way to pavement! With the end drawing near, the last miles have seemed like an eternity. Turning the Corner by Emporia State University I could see the crowd, and most importantly, the finish line. My adrenalin gave way feeling no … Read More

The Real Question: How Low "Should" You Go?

A big question for athletes attempting to achieve weight goals is determining their carbohydrate threshold. Body type, muscle structure, and natural metabolism all have a bearing on how any individual diet and training regimen will help you attain your goals. Many studies confirm that low-carb diets are effective in weight loss. Additional evidence suggests reducing … Read More

Don’t leave for the gym without it!

There’s nothing more frustrating than carefully planning to work in an hour at the gym only to open your workout bag and find you’re missing something essential. Here are some must-pack items your next trip to the gym. Gear-up: Obvious, we know, but make sure you are packing the right clothes and gear for your … Read More