Real-Time Bioavailability

What is Real-Time Bioavailability?

Real-Time Bioavailability is the foundation of all of our performance nutrition solutions.  It describes the composition and properties of our products that allow athletes to draw on the nutrition as you need it.  Every active ingredient must be completely digested, absorbed and metabolized with a minimal amount of blood diversion for digestion.  Each ingredient must be metabolized to be used as nutrition by your cells.  Once that nutrition is used, every ingredient -- whether active or inactive -- must provide an antioxidant effect to ensure no toxicity nor improper system interaction takes place that would negatively affect recovery.   

Scientific Basis

Scientists use the Dalton Value, a standardized measurement system, to quantify mass on a molecular scale.  The Dalton Value of the molecules in PurAthlete allows our ingredients to be absorbed and metabolized with a minimum of blood diversion, which frees your blood supply to support your muscular and neurological systems.  Albion Minerals are both chelated and neutrally charged, which allow them to be easily absorbed and not become attached to fats, carbohydrates, or any food particles, unlike negatively charged minerals in other sports nutrition products.  Our chelated Albion minerals are absorbed intact through the cell membrane and metabolized by your cells as nutrition.

The whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) in Endurance is in peptide form with all amino acids intact.  Our WPH provides more than 65% of its nutrition within minutes as it is assimilated quickly due to its small molecular size of less than 800 Daltons.  The remaining 35% of the WPH is designed to provide energy as well as intestinal health that often gets stressed though strenuous physical activity.  All of our peptides and amino acids are absorbed through the stomach lining, metabolized by your cells, and requiring no active breakdown by the digestive track.  This entire process is efficient and allows 100% of the nutrition having antioxidant performance without potentially toxic amino acids and higher Dalton Value proteins that have significant by-products, negative side effects, and impacts to your body.