PurAthlete Utilizes
Proven Metabolic Science...


...Called Real-Time Bioavailability to Provide a Competitive Advantage


Bioavailability is the percentage of an amount of an ingested substance that processed and enters the circulatory system when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. The absorption rate, especially with performance oriented substances, is the measure of how efficiently any supplement performs. Everything we eat and drink has a coefficient of bioavailability.

We are all well aware of the many vitamin and mineral supplements which have extremely low absorption rates by volume, rendering them, to varying degrees, ineffective.



The REAL Science of Real-Time Bioavailability

PurAthlete proprietary “Real-Time BioAvailability” (RTB) is created through the use of the highest grade chelated, neutral-in-charge minerals, and protein peptides which are small in molecular size, and non-binding. This chemical structure promotes high cellular absorption levels, maximizing intracellular hydration, enhancing nutritional function and increasing hydration.

Purathlete® is a pro-active sports nutrition supplement which increases endurance, improves performance, and accelerates recovery. Your muscle cells get more of the substances they need at a faster and more continuous rate. This process maintains optimal hydration, increasing muscle performance for longer periods of time, extending your workouts, and improving your results.