Top Training Trends for 2018

Top Training Trends for 2018

Group Training Sessions

Group training sessions will rule the gym in 2018. This style of training takes a more social approach to fitness training. Typically, a group training session has 6 to 10 participants. As you workout, the trainer coaches you on your form and encourages you when you are pushing the limit. However, the group trainer can also help the group members work with each other. It builds teamwork and friendships. This approach is beneficial because it gives each group member a first-hand look at what a particular exercise should look like. This approach is more social than one-on-one training sessions.

Social Workout Music

Have you ever felt isolated at the gym over the past few years? Well, it’s no wonder! Every way you turned your head, people had earbuds in their ears! While iPods are great, they isolate people. You need more social workout music back in your life. In 2018, most are ditching those earbuds and listening to the music piped into the gym. This re-connects you with a group of people with similar fitness goals. There’s another benefit to this as well. The music at your gym has been selected for very specific reasons. It has an upbeat tempo to encourage the repetition of workouts, it’s positive in messaging, and it just makes you feel good!


Yoga. You may think it’s not really for you. But is! Here’s why.
Yoga increases your flexibility to help you reduce the risk of injury during workouts. It helps you build core strength by working muscles that traditional workout equipment may “miss.”  You build callisthenic awareness so that you become more nimble. It helps you clear your mind and increase positivity. In addition, you don’t need any special equipment, so you can do it at home or on vacation once you learn the basics. Don’t all of those reasons make sense? At least give it a try. You’ll quickly see why yoga is a hot trend...and no longer just a  “girl workout” as men throughout the world are now addicted to his workout!

High-Intensity Interval Training

The trend lives on in 2018. High-intensity interval training isn’t technically a “new” trend. It’s been hot for the past several years and is firmly staying put in the world of fitness training. During the workout, you will have bursts of high-intensity exercise intermittently with longer lower-intensity periods. For example, you might walk on a treadmill for  60 seconds, followed by a “burst” of a 30-second sprint. This works because you get your heart rate up, then you maintain the rate during the slower portion of the workout. As your heart rate starts to drop, you then amp it back up. This creates an incredibly effective cardio workout that shreds calories and fat.

Free Weight Training

Free weight training also remains a solid trend in 2018 as it’s considered superior training to weight machines. It’s no wonder that weight training is still on trend. It’s the hands-down most-proven way to tone your body, build muscle, and feel stronger! Free weight training is normally done in pairs. You have a lifter and a spotter. You can look out for each other, give each other tips, and push each other to achieve. It adds the social element back into the workout, an underlying theme this year. In addition, free weights help you be more aware of your body, how you’re lifting, and what areas you need to focus on.

Jump Rope

Do you remember when I mentioned that 2018 is a nod back to PE class? Well...jump rope is a hot fitness trend this year. Jump ropes are inexpensive and incredible for an intense cardio workout, from virtually anywhere you travel to this year! They are packable and portable to go on every road trip! You can use them virtually anywhere as an effective way to work in some cardio, even when traveling.

Body Weight Training

In another nod back to high school, traditional calisthenics are back! Body weight training employs classic callisthenic exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and squats have regained immense popularity. These traditional exercise classics are a great compliment to your regular workout at the gym and work well to add on your cardio training days. Plus, if you have an extremely busy day when you can’t get to the gym, these are fantastic tools to pull out of your belt! You need no special equipment and every exercise can be adapted to become more challenging as you gain strength. Perhaps the best benefit of body weight training is that it completely eliminates the excuse of “no time to get to the gym.”

Final Thoughts

2018’s hottest fitness trends are about getting yourself into optimal shape. However, they also simplify working out and make it less “work” to workout. Bringing the fun of jump rope, the social aspect of group training sessions, and even the gym’s music back into your workout all add up to you looking forward to achieving your fitness goals. And you might even having a little bit of fun while doing it.