Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better

Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better

You’re an athlete. You always want to keep a competitive edge—in all areas of your life. The spirit of competition is what drives you. You don’t want to be good, or even great. You want to be the best, and you always strive to look better, feel better, perform better.

Because of your commitment to your sport, you nourish your body with foods and supplements that fuel your performance when you’d rather grab a pizza with your buddies. You head off to practice when your friends are headed out to catch a movie. And, you study your sport in hopes of upping your game when there are a million other things to do.

Being an elite athlete is your goal, and you are working hard for it. Whether you are just starting out in your sport or you’ve been at it for years, you have a level of commitment that’s unsurpassed.

Look better

Look better is an integral part of your daily mantra. Not only do you look great while performing, but you enjoy elevated self-esteem when you know you look better. Why is that important? Athletes who possess self-confidence reap better results.

In fact, a study done by New Scientist proved that an athlete becomes more attractive when he or she performs well, and vice versa. The study was led by UK scientist, Justin Park. His conclusion is that “Athletic prowess may be a sexually selected trait that signals genetic quality.” He goes on to further summarize that the same genetic quality is what makes some of the best-looking people disposed to becoming gifted, elite athletes.

So the next time you are powering through a grueling session of weight training so you can look your best, you’ll be assured that you are also going to reap the benefits from a performance standpoint as a result.

Feel better

The second part of this mantra, feel better, applies to your overall feeling of general health. When you’ve battled in fierce competition, you begin a cycle of recovery. This period of rest allows your body the time it needs for muscle recovery.

Do your research on how to help your muscles recover after a game. Look up information from trusted websites and nutrition experts, ask your trainers for advice on what you can do at home, and begin implementing measures to nourish, hydrate, and recover. This will help you feel better, sooner.

In addition, this time of rest also allows you the time you need to decompress mentally. Competition weighs heavily on the mind of an athlete. You’ve likely had coaches shouting at you to “get your mind in the game.” The problem is post-game when your brain doesn’t automatically shut back down.

You replay and re-strategize in your mind. Often, you question what you could have done better or second-guess yourself, especially after a devastating loss. Feel better—and faster than you thought possible—by focusing on both physical and mental post-game recovery. This diligence will get you back into practice sooner, enabling you to continue your continuous drive for improvement.

Perform Better

When you’ve learned the value of looking better and feeling better, you’ll be able to mesh them together into the third part of the mantra—perform better. Perform better doesn’t relate merely to the competition. You strive for optimal performance during scrimmages, workouts, and, of course, during game play or competition.

Excellent performance is a culmination of all the things you’ve worked so hard for. You’ve worked out and practiced to gain strength and immeasurable endurance to allow you to be the fiercest competitor on the field, track, or ice. And, you’ve studied your sport and learned to strategize and know how to win. This is where you put all the pieces of this mantra together and reach your ultimate goals without letting anything stop you.

The Importance of Nutrition

To look better, feel better, and perform better, you must dedicate yourself to physical training for your body and building mental stamina for handling game stress. However, athletes sometimes forget that this is all made possible through proper nutrition.

You may be thinking that you eat well—and you probably do. While food alone can properly fuel an average person’s needs, you are not the average person. You are an athlete. Your body is a marvelous metabolic machine, shredding through calories as fast as you can consume them. Thus, your body might not have the chance to properly absorb all the essential minerals and vitamins that you require to maintain the highest levels of performance.

That decreased nutrition is what can cause you to miss workouts due to sore, tender muscles. Skipped workouts lead you to feeling guilty, and the cycle shakes the confidence you’ve worked so hard to build. The solution is simple. Try using supplements that deliver the best nutrition that meets the specialized needs of a high-performing athlete like you.

You’re an Above-average Athlete, Don’t Settle for “Average” Supplements

Because you are an above average athlete who is dedicated to performance, don’t settle for the average supplement. Instead, choose premium supplements designed for athletes of all skill levels.  The best supplements give you the drive and edge to remain competitive.

And, you’ll look better, feel better, and perform better when you feed your body. Accept only supplements that are NSF-Certified for Sport. This certification ensures that you are fueling up with a nutritional aid that is free of banned substances that could get you taken out of play. Products that meet this standard proudly display this on their labels, as they have invested significant resources in achieving certification. Get back out there, knowing that you have the tools to look better, feel better, and perform better.