Lessons About Playing in the Dirt.

Lessons About Playing in the Dirt.

I was almost there, just two more miles to go.

The grueling hills have given way to pavement! With the end drawing near, the last miles have seemed like an eternity. Turning the Corner by Emporia State University I could see the crowd, and most importantly, the finish line. My adrenaline gave way feeling no aches and pains, what a sight to see several people lined the streets of the finish tunnel you went through. Finally after four fours and fifty three minutes I have crossed the finish line with great cheers in the background, finally done!

The gravel hills were endless with steep grades that seemed like they went on forever. While staying hydrated with water and PurAthlete® ENDURANCE™, I was able to overcome cramping in my legs that I had never felt before. The cramps got bad at one point, and I wondered if I might not be able to finish the race. I just continued to drink and pedal, and the cramping subsided.

The scenery was truly amazing, with endless lush green pastures and cattle ranches. It was like you were out in the middle of nowhere. Riding through the Flint Hills of Kansas and thinking about God’s beauty kept me going. All the riders were friendly and we were all there to help and cheer each other on. There were points and times where you stopped to help others who had fallen, or needed assistance repairing their bikes. Even though at points you felt you were by yourself, with only the sound of the breeze and gravel under your tires for company, you always knew someone would be coming by in the event you needed anything. This year there were over 2500 participants, in four categories. There were so many people and with perfect weather it made for a truly wonderful experience. Anticipating the start, your adrenaline was high, which made for a quick, 13 mph pace for the first 15 miles. For those of you who haven’t ridden on gravel, or off-road, that is faster than it sounds.While I wasn’t at the front, with near perfect conditions riders set a record time for the event.

I realized well into the event that these types of endeavors can give each of us an insight about where we are. I do not think I would have survived my cramping without the aid of PurAthlete ENDURANCE, before, during and even after the race. Needless to say, while I might not have been ready to ride another 50 miles right away, it was an amazing experience which I hope to repeat.

About Jeff Boone

Jeff is a decorated Captain in the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers, a successful marketing and sales professional, an avid cyclist, and a committed PurAthlete user in his training regimen and competitive events.

About “DirtyKanza”

Jim Cummins had a really dirty idea. In 2006 gravel grinding was just beginning to catch the interest of the endurance cycling community. However, Jim Cummins had grown up in the Flint Hills of east central Kansas and had been riding gravel for decades. Inspired by some of the early gravel grinder events… and convinced the Flint Hills had the best gravel to be found anywhere in the world, Jim, with the help of fellow cycling enthusiast Joel Dyke decided to create DirtyKanza 200. Since then, the popularity of gravel grinding has exploded and is now the fastest growing genre in the cycling industry. The popularity of DK200 has grown too, from 34 participants in 2006, to an anticipated 2,200 riders in 2017.