Don't Put Your Athletic Career on the Line

Don't Put Your Athletic Career on the Line

PurAthlete is an advocate for athletes. Because we care about you, we use the finest formulations, highest quality ingredients, and all our products are NSF Certified for Sports.  Here’s why that is important…

NSF International established the NSF Certified for Sport program, which certifies manufacturers of sports supplements meeting NSF’s criteria. The program involves a strict certification process that follows certain guidelines developed in alignment with consumer groups and the sports industry.

This program places a mark from NSF on the product’s label to signify that a certified product meets the program guidelines of NSF International’s Certified for Sport. Moreover, this program focuses on influencing the source and manufacturing supplements to follow a rigorous consensus process.

To regulate the sports supplement in the market, the program follows the following key preventive identifiers:

  • Verification of the claims enumerated in the supplements’ labels and comparison with its product contents
  • Identification of banned substances on ingredients or products in sports supplements
  • Protection from contamination of sports products

Credibility and Capabilities of NSF

NSF has been providing programs for certification on consumer goods such as food and beverage for the past 65 years. The program of NSF Certified for Sport focuses on dietary foods and sports supplements.

NSF established American National Standard which the only accredited institution to provide certifications on dietary Supplements. This standard, also known as NSF/ANSI 173 is a testing program that comprehensively evaluates the manufacturing process and observes the product contents on the labels.

The NSF employs the laboratory services specifically created for the certification process. This guarantees the consumers that all certified products are compliant with the standard. Moreover, the manufacturers are also expected to take into consideration the public safety and the product’s impact in the environment.

The laboratories of NSF utilize modern technologies. They have several analytical systems used for instrumentation. Furthermore, they employ competent staff that are trained professionals in certain fields such as food nutrition, chemistry, plant science and biochemistry.

Advantages of Choosing NSF Certified Sports Supplements

As more people become health conscious dietary supplements have been a great addition to everyone’s diet. It provides additional nutrition and strength to people who take it.

If you are skeptical with the ingredients of your supplement, you can refer to NSF certified sports supplements. These products are known to be free from banned substances in the athletic field.

Certified products are marked with the NSF Certified for Sport label. Here are the advantages of choosing products are the NSF certified.

  • The test required prior the certification identifies if a product contains one of the 200 banned substances in the athletic fields such as NFL, MLB, and WADA.
  • The testing of banned substances is conducted on per batch basis. The manufacturer is not allowed to release their product without completing the NSF test. As soon as the final test report is submitted and no banned substances were found, the manufacturers can start releasing their product.
  • NSF conducts product testing every year on all products that applies for a certification. This shall enable the consumers in knowing if the ingredients of the supplements are indeed safe and free from banned substances.
  • The certifying body upholds their commitment to providing only high-quality supplements to consumers. This is done by selecting reputable partners in the US such as non-profit organizations.
  • NSF has a dedicated website ( and smartphone application (available for Android and iPhone) which contain the list of products that are certified for sport. The list is updated daily which provides the consumers the lot numbers that went through testing

NSF certification for supplements is important as it protects the consumers from potentially harmful ingredients or products that are out in the market.

The certified products do not contain banned substances in the athletic field. Thus, you are assured of only clean and natural ingredients which can help you on your fitness journey.